Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rescue Me Renewed for 5th Season

Rescue Me Back In Production

New York City -- Back in the Fall, FX announced that it had picked up Denis Leary's FDNY dramedy Rescue Me for a fifth season. But there was some question as to whether Leary's Apostle Productions could deliver the series in time due to the Writers' Strike, which played havoc on the entire TV industry.

But Leary and his writing partners had already delivered many of the scripts, so when the strike finally did settle, Rescue Me slid right into production. This time out FX ordered up nearly twice the normal 13 episode package, contracting with Sony Entertainment for a total of 22 one-hour shows.

The series is currently shooting in New York City and locations around Northern New Jersey. Sony is keeping a tight lid on 5th season content, but the biggest question being asked by fans is -- "Will Leary's "Tommy Gavin" continue as a member of FDNY?". Hint: In the closing scene of last season's finale entitled "Yaz", Division Chief Feinberg, played by veteran actor Jerry Adler, quietly submits Gavin's termination papers.

Of all the firefighting dramas ever produced, Rescue Me is most like the real thing. Leary treats the firehouse for what it is -- a family! Kooky at times, emotionally distraught at others, but always there for one another when they step off the rig to do battle with the beast. Leary and his writing partner Peter Tolan treat the firefighting family with borderline irreverance, much like FX's The Badge or HBO's The Wire. Rescue Me has humor, conflict and an identifiable antagonist (Gavin himself), all of which are essential for making any successful drama.

Team Apostle has discovered the secret formula for firefighting drama. Without knowing it, Leary and his staff have paid firefighters the greatest tribute by reminding us that life and family are precious and can never be replaced. My hope is that others in our ranks will recognize this tip and take its message to heart.