Saturday, April 02, 2011

Mill Creek Squrt-21

Painted in Miil Creek "green" Squirt 21 is a 1989 Seagrave 1500 gpm pumper with 750 gallon water tank. It serves as the department's mutual-aid engine. Since 1927 the department's apparatus have carried the green color, adding white over cabs in the 1970's and the safety stripe in the 1990's.

Squrt 20

Squrt 20 by Lou Angeli Digital
Squrt 20, a photo by Lou Angeli Digital on Flickr.

Squrt 20 is operated by the Holloway Terrace Fire Company of New Castle County, Delaware (USA). The squrt sits atop a Pierce Lance with a 1250gpm pump, 750 gallon water tank and 50 gallons of foam.