Sunday, August 12, 2007

Firefighters Remain Critical After Parkside Fire

PARKSIDE BORO, PA (August 11, 2007) - Three volunteer firefighters were injured, two critically, after a home partially collapsed during a fire in Delaware County early Saturday morning.

Just after 2am this morning, Delaware County (PA) Firefighters were alerted to 11 Park Valley Lane for a report of a building fire. Police units arrived quickly and radioed a well involved structure fire at Green Tree Village Town Homes on Park Valley Lane in Parkside, Pa

Parkside Fire Company Engine 45 arrived and its crew advanced an inch and 3/4 line with Truck 65 (Garden City) and Rescue 63 (Green Ridge) close behind. As companies entered the building, the 2nd floor collapsed, trapping 3 Parkside firefighters. A mayday call was issued and rescue operations quickly got underway.

Crews from Green Ridge and Parkside removed 2 of the firefighters from the rear of the building, with the 3rd yet accounted for. As the R.I.T. team was already active, Parkside Command called for the full second alarm assignment. Alerted by his PASS device the 3rd firefighter was found under several feet of debris after 15 minutes. Crews from Garden City and Green Ridge removed the injured firefighter to an awaiting ambulance where he was transported to Crozier-Chester Burn Center.

According to police, a homeowner was awakened by the smell of fire inside his home. The blaze reportedly started on the first floor, so the homeowner was forced to jump from a second story window.

Officials said volunteer firefighter Chase Frost, a 21-year-old Widener University student, suffered burns on more than 50 percent of his body. Both he and Firefighter Dan Brees, 20, of Parkside, were being treated at Crozer-Chester Medical Center and were listed in critical condition. Frost’s mother was flying in from California Saturday night.

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