Sunday, December 07, 2008

Delaware's Volunteers: Response Times Fall Behind

Wilmington, DE (December 7, 2008) -- The long standing feud between Delaware's volunteer firefighters and the state's largest newspaper came to a head today when the News-Journal published a scathing report on volunteer response time. There's been a great deal of research involved with this story, and as they say, numbers don't lie!

Read the News-Journal story by Mike Chalmers

For most Delawareans, this feature represents their first knowledge of a system that can no longer serve the best interests of the community. What's the answer? It's time for fire administrators to staff Delaware's 60 fire stations with a core team of career firefighters, who can place first-due apparatus on the streets in 10 seconds -- not 10 minutes.

Interactive Map of Delaware's Fire Stations

Photos of Delaware's Firefighters

My Report: Last One Standing


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