Monday, April 02, 2012

NY Post Continues to Defame FDNY Hero

Lewes, DE (April 2, 2012) -- Cliff Stabner has done nothing wrong! He is a former soldier, law enforcement officer and NY City EMT. As a firefighter he was assigned to the most prestigious firefighting unit in North America, FDNY's Rescue-1. The New York Post has this information on hand, but won't reveal it because it doesn't support their comical headline. 
"Disability Duplicity" 
 Who says there are no second acts in American lives? FDNY pensioner Cliff Stabner retired as a “disabled” city smoke eater in 2003 and — presto chango — is now working as an emergency responder . . . at a NASCAR speedway in Delaware.  New York Post Editorial
Like thousands of others rescuers, Cliff was injured at Ground Zero and in 2002 placed on disability by CITY physicians and a CITY board. He never requested to be taken off the job! Why would he? His life was the FDNY. The Post suggests he hired his own attorney to petition for his dismissal, which is a fabricated notion.

To be quite honest, I'm the only person with actual hard evidence of Cliff's role at the speedway. Pictures. I'm a photographer who covers many of the races at Dover and I have specifically covered Cliff -- and the infield safety crew -- in the past. I have never seen him run onto the track to rescue trapped drivers. I learned that as a VOLUNTEER, he drives a utility truck which carries rescue tools, but is mostly involved in training other firefighters and rescue personnel.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in this matter, therefore my comments won't include attacks on individual posters. However, to those of you who sit in the easy chair passing judgement on a good man based on a story that the Post never attempted to confirm -- I urge you to take a few moments and perhaps do a little research of your own.

If you're going to serve as Judge and Jury, conduct a proper investigation. I believe that you will find that without a doubt, the problem is with the system -- not Cliff Stabner. Apparently, politicians have been aware of the problem for years, because as the Post noted last Tuesday, "The controversial new pension law approved by Gov. Cuomo and the state Legislature slashes disability pensions for new firefighters by 50 percent."

On September 11, 2001, Cliff Stabner was an American hero -- assisting in the rescue of Captain Jay Jonas, the crew of Ladder 6 and a civilian who were trapped in a collapsed stairway of the North Tower. Today, the law firm known as the New York Post -- always known for their editorial acumen and honesty -- steals a family's good name without ever confirming the source of their tip.

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