Sunday, May 05, 2013

Local Bank Purchases Ontario EMS Choppers

by Lou Angeli

WILMINGTON, DE (May 3, 2013) -- Delaware's Wilmington Trust Company has purchased 2 never-used AW139 Helicopters from Ontario's Medevac provider ORNGE for a cool $10 million per ship. In fact, the 2 choppers (like me) never made it across the Canadian border and were stored at the AgustaWestland's facility in North Philadelphia for over 2 years. 

 Wilmington Trust holds the note on Ornge's fleet of 12 AW helicopters, and some say the term "purchase" should read "repossessed" considering the medevac provider was given a year to sell the choppers but were unable to do so. In fact, the 2 surplus AW139's were never outfitted for EMS use and were fitted as corporate aircraft.

Read the backstory and learn how ORNGE came very close to being grounded.


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