Sunday, June 27, 2010

27 Years -- Looking forward to many more!

On the 27th anniversary of my career in Fire-EMS, I’d like to thank some of the men and women who have influenced me over the years: Chief Sean Mulhern, Capt. Ed Hojnicki, Sr., Chief Jerry Donahue, John Smith, Jamie Turner, Lou Amabili, Dr. Ben Corbalis, Battalion Chief James O. Paige (deceased), Battalion Chief Allen J. Huelsenbeck, Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn (FDNY-ret – my mentor), “the 343,” Dennis Smith (Firehouse Magazine), Chief Frank Schaper (St. Louis), Les Warrick, Bill Walton, Lawrence Mergenthaler, Michelle Fox, Deputy Chief Ray Downey (FDNY Special Ops – deceased), Capt. Terry Hatton (FDNY Rescue-1 - deceased), Uncle Joe Angelini, Sr. (Rescue-1 – deceased), Cousin Joe Angelini, Jr. (Ladder 4 – deceased), Paramedic Bonnie Siegfried (FDNY), EMT Reggie Cervantes (NYC), St Bernard Parish (LA) Fire Department (pictured), Joe Leonetti, Sr., Chuck Snyder, FF/EMT Michelle Smith (deceased), and most recently, Cathleen Rossi-McLaughlin (AI), Dr. Steve Murphy, (AI), the crew of Rescue-Engine 126, Chief Brian Reeder and Capt. Sean Byron. Thank you.


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