Friday, July 12, 2013

An East Coaster's Guide to CAL FIRE

CAL FIRE Station - San Luis Obispo

The Nation's Largest Fire Department Isn't FDNY

SACRAMENTO -- The state of California is protected by 21 CAL FIRE Operational Districts. There are 803 fire stations (228 state and 575 local government), 39 conservation camps, 13 air attack, and 9 helitack bases.

The heart of CAL FIRE’s emergency response and resource protection capability is a force of nearly 4,700 full-time fire professionals, foresters, and administrative employees; 3,100 seasonal firefighters; 5,600 local government volunteer firefighters; 2,600 Volunteers In Prevention; and 4,300 inmates and wards.

To transport and support these forces, CAL FIRE operates over 1,095 fire engines (336 state and 759 local government); 215 rescue squads; 63 paramedic units; 38 aerial ladder trucks; 58 bulldozers; 5 mobile communication centers; and 11 mobile kitchen units. The department funds, via contract, an additional 82 engines and 12 bulldozers in six counties – Kern, Los Angeles, Marin, Orange, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. From the air, CAL FIRE operates 23 1,200-gallon air tankers, 11 helicopters, and 13 air tactical planes.

CAL FIRE Super Huey, one of 11 Helicopters owned by the agency.
Helicopters, or rotary-wing aircraft, are used to transport firefighting hand crews into fire areas. They also drop water and retardant chemicals on fires.

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