Thursday, July 11, 2013

Boeing 777 Crashes at San Francisco International

Firefighters, Police hailed in Asiana crash (from USA TODAY)

SAN FRANCISCO -- Fire crews say they made repeated searches of the plane after an Asiana crewmember reported that four flight attendants were missing. They used the quickest way to board the aircraft - climbing up the deployed emergency chutes that passengers had used to get out of the cabin. While in the plane, they say, they had to extinguish fires and deal with fuel gushing from the plane's punctured tanks. (read the entire story)


Video of Firefighting Operations following Asiana Crash at SFO

One of 3 Striker 4500 ARFF Apparatus in service at San Francisco International Airport.
Response of a Career

SAN FRANCISCO -- The last major crash at San Francisco International Airport was 45 years ago when a Japan Airlines flight crashed on take off at SFO . The Airport itself is in San Mateo County, 13 miles from the city of San Francisco.  However the three ARFF stations at SFO are operated by the San Francisco Fire Department. SFFD operates 4 ARFF units (3 Striker 4500 apparatus and 1 Oshkosh 3000 ARFF rig), a multi agent tanker/tender, 2 Engine companies, 1 Truck company, 2 Paramedic units, a Command vehicle and 4 watercraft under the command of an Assistant Deputy Chief.  There are an additional 2 Oshkosh 3000 ARFF apparatus in reserve, ready to deployed by off duty crews.


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